How much do I need to budget so that each child can make a nice piece?

The flat rate is $20.00 per person, for both types of parties. This cost includes string plus base metal findings. After that, it is up to you to decide your budget for beads. I’ve had budgets above $25 and I’ve had them as low as $12 per person. The $12 budget does limit the guests’ options, but not their creativity!

If I am on a small budget, what kind of beads am I looking at?

When on a small budget, we usually suggest firepolish beads and charms. The firepolish beads are 10 cents each, and come in many beautiful colors. Your guests will be able to make a 16″ necklace with these beads, and still have enough in their budget for a charm or fancy bead centerpiece. We also have a selection of seed beads that are only $3.00 a strand. Although these bags are quite small, don’t be fooled. You can actually string a whole necklace out of just one!

Are there any restrictions as to when I can reserve the table?

Actually, yes there are. Since our table gets quite busy during the weekend hours, we limit weekend birthday parties towards early in the day. You can reserve the table at 11am on Saturdays and Sundays. During the week, there are not as many time restrictions.

How long do the parties tend to last?

Every child beads differently. Some whip right through their project finishing in 30 minutes and some take a great deal of time planning out their design and then stringing it together. Some may even take their beads home to finish later. The older children tend to take their time while the younger ones seem to be very quick. We advise parents that an hour and a half is plenty of time to do their projects and eat some birthday cake. If you were not planning on any food, then an hour is more than enough time.

Can we make earrings at the party?

Making earrings requires a special technique called wire wrapping. This is a skill that takes a full class for adults and cannot be taught at parties. We don’t even allow children under 12 to enroll in our wire wrap classes because it is not a technique younger children can pick up very easily. If someone were to ask for earrings, it would take the fun out of making their own pieces since we would be doing all of the work. And it is a time consuming process so we might not even be able to finish them by the end of the party. We suggest that the children stick to bracelets and necklaces to really get the full birthday-jewelry-making experience.

Can we bring our own snacks, food and drink to the party?

Yes, you can bring whatever you would like but we ask that you clean up afterwards and that all food and beverages remain at the table.

Can we leave while the party is in session?

We need at least one chaperone to stay at the party the whole time.

How do I reserve my time slot?

There is a $25 non-refundable fee to reserve your time slot. Please give us a call to discuss availability.