Host a beading party! This is a great creative activity to do with the little ones where everyone gets to make and keep their own party favor. Whether it’s a birthday party, an afternoon play group, or any other type of gathering, kids love making things with their friends. Of course, parties aren’t just for kids, and we host bachelorette parties for adults (we’d love to host a bachelor party one day, too—tell your friends!). Our groups spend that time making their own, personalized wedding jewelry, take a special class, or just bonding with friends.

Schedule Private Parties at Our Bead Shop

Here at Brooklyn Bead Box, we welcome private parties for birthdays, showers, or other special occasions for groups of up to 12 people. Birthday parties for ages 6 and up are a great idea. You decide how much you want to spend on the supplies, and we’ll help you pick the beads and findings to fit your budget. You are welcome to bring cake, refreshments, and gifts for the honoree. Beading parties aren’t just kid stuff; they’re also perfect for creative adults who have always wanted to make their own beaded jewelry, or for beading groups. Please schedule at least 1 week in advance. View our links for more information on our fees and to view our list of FAQs.

The Budget Birthday—(10 Years & Up)

You decide the budget for your guests! Reserve the table ahead of time for up to 12 children. Each child will keep track of what he or she chooses with a pen, paper, and calculator. It sounds like a lot of work but we’ve found this to be the most popular of all our packages. The kids get to design while honing their math skills! One may use all of her money on an expensive semi-precious stone to use as a centerpiece, while another might spend her budget on smaller glass and semiprecious beads to make a whole beaded necklace.


  Pro:   This package allows your guests to choose from the whole store.


   Con:   There’s a lot of math involved, and the chaperone may be busy
helping with counting.


The Planned Birthday—(All Ages)

This is for the planner! Reserve the table ahead of time for up to 12 children. Come in any time before the party and, with the help of our staff, select a variety of beads for your special guests. Then, when the party-goers arrive, they can sit down and be ready to go! This also accommodates your budget. You can tell our staff while picking out beads what you’d like to spend and we’ll make sure you have enough for everyone.


  Pro:   This package keeps the party-goers focused on making their pieces while you
sit back and relax.


  Con:   The party-goers are limited to your selection and may crave other items in the store.